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The way the price of shipping is set up is based on an estimate. The cost of shipping will vary due to weight, and address. Should the shipping cost less than the estimate, you will be refunded the extra amount of the shipping cost. If the cost of the shipping is over the estimated price you will not be charged more. As an example if you pay 100 dollars in shipping but the actual shipping cost is only 40 dollars you will be refunded 60 dollars to your credit card, or afterpay account. If the shipping cost is 200 dollars then you only pay 100 dollars and we will absorb the rest.

After you buy we will need to contact you either through email (make sure the email you use is one that you regularly check) or phone  as we use only the finest Australian furniture removalists. Why do we use removalists instead of say TNT or UPS? We have found that the professional removalists that we use are more careful than some of the  larger moving or shipping companies. The removalists that we use treat you like family not like just another number like the big shipping companies do!

When available we will give you three quotes and you may choose which service you want. Sometimes we use either Australia Post or Allied Express. In either case we will let you choose who you want to ship your brand new furniture. Some services will provide the white glove treatment, from setting up your new furniture, if assembly is required, to removing all of the packaging. If you are more of a DIY kind of person we have a service for you as well!

To Process the order takes 3 to 5 business days. 

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